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Wailea Vacation Rentals, Inc. Maui cultural information resources for your Maui vacation at Wailea Elua, Wailea Ekahi or Wailea Ekolu luxury condos.


Maui Cultural Knowledge & Activities

The sites listed here provide good general resources for learning about the rich Hawaiian culture in Maui Nui. Various organization are featured who are keeping the culture alive. Includes events and destinations worth considering as you plan your itinerary. For more specific topics, please see the links to other subject areas below.
Kipahulu 'Ohana
Interpretive hikes and custom educational tours of restored ancient taro patches at Kapahu Living Farm in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park
Moku`ula - Lahaina's Sacred Isle
In West Maui is one of Hawai`i's most significant archeological finds, the center of ali`i residence when Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom and burial place of Hawai`i's most sacred ali`i.
Maui Nei
Maui Nei is a cultural tourism company in Lahaina dedicated to presenting the traditions of Hawaii to Maui's visitors.
East Maui Taro Festival
This annual spring event in Hana, Maui, is centered around taro, Hawaii's traditional staple food, celebrating the restoration of Hawaiian cultural traditions though music, hula, arts, crafts, food, and more...
Ha`i Mo`olele - Hawaiian Storyteller
Uncle Charlie Kauluwehi Maxwell of upcountry Maui shares Hawaiian culture through stories, with an interactive discussion area where visitors can ask questions about Maui's culture
`Ao`ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui - Maui Fishpond Association
Restoring Ko`ie`ie Loko I`a fishpond in South Maui.
MauiMapp Mo`olelo
Cultural links for visitors, including Hawaiian language info.
Hana Cultural Center & Museum
Research, discovery, and preservation of historical and cultural items, places, and information concerning the district of Hana, Maui, Hawaii. Includes info for visitors to Hana.
Hui `Ai Pohaku
A cultural center and halau for Upcountry Maui (in the planning stage).
Maui Historical Society
"Keeping Maui's History Alive!" Featuring the Bailey House Museum in Wailuku.
Hana Coast Gallery - Cultural Art of Hawaii
In Old Hana Town in East Maui, "The Most Hawaiian Place" ...one of the most highly acclaimed and respected art galleries in the Hawaiian Islands serves as a distinctive showcase of original island art and mastercrafts, reflecting the beauty and heritage of the people and place of the Hawaiian Islands.

Mele a me Pila Ho`okani - Hawai'ian Music

Nothing embodies the spirit of the islands like the music. The Hawaiian people have always excelled at integrating new forms of music into their own, creating many unique and diverse styles. The modern Hawaiian music scene is an active part of the overall cultural renaissance of the islands. Maui is the source of a number of leading musicians today, including Kealii Reichel, Willie K. & Amy K. Gilliom, and Hapa. On the web, you can listen via RealAudio and order CDs, along with learning about the music and finding out about concerts in Hawaii and abroad. What better way to get the feel of the islands before you visit, or to take home that feeling after your trip...
Hawaiian Music Guide
Organized index to all the Hawaiian Music Sites on the Web, and provides additional resources on Hawaiian Music
Nahenahe Net
Hawaiian music weblog updated regularly
Breeze of Hawaii
Live streaming Hawaiian music
Voice of Hawaii
Promoting and preserving Hawaiian Culture and Arts through education. On the "Hawaiian Hits Live!" channel, broadcast programming from the Traditional to the more contemporary "Island Music"

Hawaiian and Island music live from Lahaina, Maui

Newsgroup: alt.music.hawaiian
Active newsgroup with tour and release information and discussion on a range of Hawaiian music topics
Tropical Disc
"Maui's Finest Music Store" - Purchase Hawaiian music CDs online to get the feel of the islands before you visit, or to take home that feeling after your trip.
Mele.com - Hawaiian Music Island
"Largest online inventory of CDs from Hawaii," and Hawaiian music information resource
Hawaiian Music Store
"The World's Largest Hawaiian Music Store"
Hawaii Books - Music and Hula
Reviews of selected Hawaiian music and hula books with links to amazon.com for ordering

`Olelo - Hawaiian Language

The Hawaiian language is a beautiful, flowing tongue, capturing the natural beauty of the islands in its tones and phrases. After being suppressed for many years, the language has in recent decades enjoyed a vital renewal, and in 1978 was made an official language in the state constitution. Maui now hosts two Hawaiian language immersion schools, where students can learn math, science, history, and even English using their mother tongue. The number of fluent speakers is rising dramatically, and it is not uncommon to hear Hawaiian spoken in public. Most street names and place names are Hawaiian, and there is an effort to restore original Hawaiian names to places whose names were changed. It is a good sign of respect for your hosts to be able to pronounce Hawaiian words correctly, and to understand some basic phrases. Fortunately, there is a wealth of Hawaiian language resources online, including tutorials and dictionaries.
Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library
Journal of Hawaiian Language Resources, Hawaiian Newspapers, The Hawaiian Bible, Hawaiian Dictionaries, and Kamehameha and his Warrior Kekuhaupi'o
Online Hawaiian Dictionary
English to Hawaiian, or Hawaiian to English
Hale Kuamo`o
The website of the `Olelo Hawai`i Language Program at the University of Hawai`i at Hilo, with extensive Hawaiian language lessons and information, an online dictionary, and free Hawaiian fonts
Kamehameha Schools' Kulaiwi
Hawaiian language distance learning lessons, with streaming video
Coconut Info
"Hawaiian culture software solutions" offering language tutorials, dictionary, fonts with Polynesian diacriticals, place names, etc.
Ka `Olele Hawai`i
Hawaiian language information and lessons, with a comprehensive links page to other resources
'Aha Punana Leo
Hawaiian language immersion program
Mo'o and Lolo's Hawaiian dictionary on-line
Hawaii Books - Language
Reviews of selected Hawaiian language books with links to amazon.com for ordering

Meakanu - Hawaiian Plants

Due to Hawaii's isolated geographic location, the islands are among the most biologically diverse areas in the world, with numerous endemic species (found nowhere else). Unfortunately, this also means that Hawaii's fragile ecosystem has a much greater number of endangered and threatened species than any other state. Along with the endemic species, prominent in Hawaii's ecosystem are a couple of dozen Polynesian introduced plants that arrived along with migrations in voyaging canoes. These "canoe plants" along with many endemic species play essential roles in Hawaiian culture, for food, fiber, tools, building materials, medicine and art. Visit these websites to familiarize yourself with the plants of Hawaii, many of which you can see in natural areas.
Maui Nui Botanical Garden
An outstanding collection of the plants of Maui Nui, and a center for environmental education, Hawaiian cultural expression, conservation, biological study, and recreation.
Kipahulu 'Ohana
Custom educational hikes and tours of restored ancient taro patches with many other Polynesian introduced plants at Kapahu Living Farm in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park
'Ahahui Malama i ka Lokahi
Native Hawaiians for the preservation of Hawaiian ecosystems (includes a list for updates on native plant projects and issues)
Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawai`i
24 plants which serve important roles in the Hawaiian culture, brought to Hawai`i by Polynesian voyagers in their double-hulled canoes
Nahele: Hawaiian Garden
Images and information on endemic and indigenous species, geared to home growers interested in trying their hand with native Hawaiian plants.

Kahanu Garden
National Tropical Botanical Garden's preserve in Hana, Maui
East Maui Taro Festival
This annual spring event in Hana, Maui, is centered around taro, Hawaii's traditional staple food, celebrating the restoration of Hawaiian cultural traditions though music, hula, arts, crafts, food, and more...
Internet Taro Factory
Contains extensive references on Hawaii's staple food, including history, nutritional value, varities, etc.
Poi to the World
Poi facts, recipes and product info
Virtual Taro Patch
Taro and culture links from Kaua`i Island, including cultural tourism information
Hawaii Books - Natural History
Reviews of selected Hawaiian natural history books with links to amazon.com for ordering
Traditional Hawaiian Foods and Their Preparation

Holokai - Polynesian Voyaging

The ancient Polynesians arrived in Hawaii in waves of migrations centuries ago on double-hulled voyaging canoes, precisely navigating over thousands of miles of open ocean without instruments. In recent years, and art of voyaging has been renewed, and three Hawaiian canoes, the Hokule`a, Hawai`iloa and Makali`i, have joined others from all over Polynesia in historic voyages throughout the Pacific Ocean. A number of other canoes are now being built on all the islands, including Maui. These vessels, and the heritage they embody, are a source of great cultural pride, and a worthy topic of study for the culturally interested visitor.
Hui O Wa`a Kaulua
Hawaiian Double Hulled Canoes

An organization based in Lahaina, Maui, "seeking to encourage, maintain, and perpetuate the building and sailing of authentic Hawaiian sailing canoes."
Polynesian Voyaging Society
Information on the traditional double-hulled canoes Hokule`a, Hawai`iloa, and Makali`i . Also try the PVS Gopher Site and the maps tracking the recent voyages of the canoes
Hawai`iloa Exhibit
Bishop Museum feature about one of the three modern Hawaiian voyaging canoes
Living History - Voyaging into New Horizons
A glimpse into the voyaging life of ancient Polynesia
Hawaii's Canoes - A Victorious Moment
A stirring story of canoe racing in old Hawaii
Ho'okahi 'Ohana, Ho'okahi Kai
Virtual exhibit of Polynesian Voyaging Canoe images.
Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawai`i
24 plants, brought to Hawai`i by Polynesian voyagers in their double-hulled canoes, which all serve important roles in the Hawaiian culture, for food, fiber, medicine and art.

Ea - Hawaiian Rights & Sovereignty


In the nineteenth century the Kingdom of Hawaii was recognized internationally as a sovereign and independent country, with treaties with every major nation at that time, including several with the United States.

In 1893, a group of mostly white American businessmen, backed by U.S. Marines, illegally overthrew the constitutional monarchy of Hawaii and instituted their own oligarchy. Although President Cleveland condemned the act and called for the restoration of the Hawaiian monarchy, in 1898 President McKinley pushed through a joint resolution of annexation, rather than the required treaty, in violation of international law and the United States Constitution.

After 1900 Hawaii was a territory of the U.S., until the statehood vote in 1959, but today many challenge the legitimacy of this vote and statehood itself.

In 1993, the U.S. Congress and President Clinton officially apologized for the overthrow, acknowledging the illegality of it and the annexation, and recognizing the inherent sovereignty and right to self-determination of Native Hawaiians. Today the Hawaiian sovereignty movement is highly active, and even mainstream political leaders recognize that it is not a matter of if, but when and in what form sovereignty will come to the islands. Some advocate a nation-within-a-nation concept similar to American Indians or other integrated models, but a growing number favor the restoration of total independence for Hawaii.

This political movement parallels the cultural renaissance, and the struggle for other Hawaiian rights, much of which centers on land and water, which are sacred to the Hawaiian people as the caretakers of these islands. It is important for visitors to have some awareness of the history and the current struggles, and to respect the fact that Hawaii is not like other American states.

The websites linked here offer a range of in-depth perspectives on sovereignty and self-determination in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Kingdom
Information on the kingdom, constitution, territory, occupation, neutrality, trade, nationality and more, providing by the Acting Cabinet Council
Hawaiian Issues Weblog
Regularly updated links to articles and current events links, with commentary.
Hawaiian Society of Law and Politics (HSLP)
A student organization at UH-Manoa that applies Public International Law and applicable theories to Hawaiian history. HSLP promotes the development of curricula on the subject of Hawaiian statehood under international law for the University of Hawai`i, publishes the Hawaiian Journal of Law and Politics, and hosts related conferences and other events.
Education regarding Hawaiian history & sovereignty, featuring the case of Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom at the Permanent Court of Arbitration
Hawaii - Independent & Sovereign
Extensive information on the restoration of Hawaiian independence, with legal foundation, news articles archive, and much more (see essay on tourism)
Na Maka O Ka Aina
Video catalog on history and sovereignty - "Act of War" and "We Are Who We Were" are particularly important for visitors to watch to learn the true history of the overthrow and annexation respectively, and for those interested in more in-depth study check out the "Hawaiian Kingdom Law" series.
Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty
Essays on Independence, including historical/international analysis, historical documents, education, environment, society, health, citizenship, and economics of an independent Hawai`i
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Federal Recognition Page
A state agency providing programs for the betterment of the lives of the Hawaiian people, seeks federal recognition of Native Hawaiians
Native Hawaiian Advisory Council
An educational and legal support group for Native Hawaiians, with an emphasis on water rights issues
Kingdom of Hawai`i
Seeks the reinstatement and restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai`i, with historical, common law and international documents.
Kingdom of Hawai`i
Seeks the reinstatement and restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai`i based on royal lineage of Akahinui of Maui.
UH Center for Hawaiian Studies
Introduction, list of courses, essays, and other information
Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council
HSEC was created to facilitate a process for the Hawaiian people to determine whether a sovereign Hawaiian government will be created and what form it might take. The "Native Hawaiian Vote" held in 1996 asked the question by mail out ballot: "Shall the Hawaiian people elect delegates to propose a native Hawaiian Government?" 73% of returned ballots voted "Yes."
The Blount Report
Part of the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee Report of 1894, officially titled "Affairs in Hawaii" prepared by Representative James Blount, who was sent by Pres. Grover Cleveland to assess conditions in Hawaii after the Kingdom of Hawaii had been forcibly overthrown in 1893. The Blount Report led Pres. Cleveland to condemn the illegal overthrow and call for the restoration of the monarchy. (Note: not all of the report is online yet, but a good portion...)
Navigation in the Information Age
An Exploration of the Potential Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Sustainability and Self-Determination in Hawai`i
Roles of Non-Hawaiians in the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement
A Political Science Masters Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Division of the University of Hawai'i, August 1996, By Anthony Castanha
Hawaii's Last Queen
The American Experience on PBS TV
Monday, January 27, 1997
Includes program transcript, teachers' guide, bibliography, and video ordering information.
Hawaii Books - Sovereignty
Reviews of selected Hawaiian sovereignty books with links to amazon.com for ordering
`Iolani Palace
Official residence of King Kalakaua from 1882 until his death in 1891 and of his sister-successor, Queen Lili`uokalani, until the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 - now a museum maintained by Friends of `Iolani Palace
Unconquerable Rebel : Robert W. Wilcox and Hawaiian Politics 1880-1903
by Ernest Jr. Andrade, examines Wilcox's political career and his attempts to restore native Hawaiian control of a culture, government, and economy.

Kaho`olawe Island

The Island of Kaho`olawe, target of U.S. Navy bombing until the late 1980s, is undergoing clean-up and restoration, managed as a Hawaiian cultural reserve for eventual transfer to the sovereign Hawaiian nation, envisioned as a learning center where traditional Hawaiian cultural customs, beliefs, and practices can be freely practiced and can flourish for future generations.
Kaho`olawe Home Page
Central point for information on Kaho`olawe Island and its restoration, provided by the Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana
Kaho`olawe Island Reserve Commission
The state agency overseeing the clean-up and restoration process
Kaho`olawe Links
The Mining Company provides this list of related websites
Kaho`olawe Geography
Another Mining Company compilation

Hawai'i - General Cultural Websites

These are links to a number of cultural websites which are not specifically related to Maui Nui, but the content contained within each applies here as well as the other islands. These sites offer diverse resources for gaining a deeper understanding of Hawaii's host culture - past, present and future - and how to be a respectful and appreciative visitor.
Hawaiian Cultural Links, with music, hula, geneology, history and more.
Bishop Museum
Historical and scientific exhibits and archives relating to the culture and environment of Hawai`i
Office of Hawaiian Affairs
A state agency providing programs for the betterment of the lives of the Hawaiian people
OHA's 1998 and 1996 Native Hawaiian Data Book
has useful statistics on health, education, land, housing, etc.
Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawai`i Nei
Na Makou E Malama I Na Iwi O Ko Makou Kupuna Nana Mo`o E Malama I Ko Makou Iwi - "We Care For And Protect The Ancestors Of Hawai`i"
State Council On Hawaiian Heritage
A nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the Hawaiian Culture, conducts seminars, classes, conferences, and workshops in various aspects of the culture including hula, language and history.
Ho`okipa Network
Website for the non-profit Ho`okipa Network of community-based organizations (CBO's), providing an interactive clearinghouse for Hawaiian community cultural exchange on Kaua`i, including an essay on responsible tourism
Na Pua a Ke Ali'i Pauahi
A group of Parents, Alumni, and Students of the Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate Beneficiaries
Hawaiian Cultural Preservation Organization
It is the mission of this organization to preserve and share the Hawaiian culture through the traditional arts of dance, music, and language, as well as through building a virtual community through this site.
Hawaii Historical Society
The Hawaiian Historical Society, founded in 1892, is dedicated to preserving historical materials relating to Hawai`i and the Pacific region and to publishing scholarly research on Hawaiian and Pacific history. Extensive resources online, and links to other archival web sites.
`Iolani Palace
Official residence of King Kalakaua from 1882 until his death in 1891 and of his sister-successor, Queen Lili`uokalani, until the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 - maintained by Friends of `Iolani Palace
Hale Ku'ai - Native Hawaiian Products Store
Hale Ku'ai Cooperative specializes in original, Native Hawaiian handcrafted products.
Hawaii Books - Culture and Crafts
Reviews of selected Hawaiian culture and crafts books with links to amazon.com for ordering
Petroglyphs of the Hawaiian Islands
Photo gallery
Hawaiian Studies on the Web
Halau O Ka Lama - "Hawaiian School of Light" including genealogy, astronomy, history, and language
Journey to Kanaka Makua
"Rediscovering the Light of Island Wisdom" - an interactive oracle based on Hawaiian words and values
Hawaiian Culture - About.com Guide
Links to more cultural resources on the web
Hawaii Genealogy Sites on the Internet
A comprehensive list, with other related useful resources for Hawaii cultural and historical research
The People, Culture and Language of Hawaii
A basic guide for visitors, including etiquette and language tips
Search Hawaii - Culture and Education Pages
A list of features concerning Hawaiian culture

Na Ki`i `Oni`oni - Hawai'i Videos

A good way to prepare for a trip to Hawaii, or savor your memories, is to view videos on the history and culture of the islands, available via these web links.
Na Maka O Ka 'Aina
Over 55 videos on Hawaiian culture, history, sovereignty, environment, land struggles, and the visual and performing arts. We Are Who We Were is their latest 1998 video for the centennial of the "annexation that never was."
Taking Waikiki - The Untold Story
A documentary that uses the historical record to reveal that the Waikiki we see today, which was once rich taro fields and fish ponds, was created based on a calculated plan by a group of Western businessmen intent on urbanizing Waikiki.
And Then There Were None
Former Miss Hawai'i Elizabeth Lindsey tells a personal and historical story of the Hawaiian race in this documentary film (website offers 3.9 MB Quicktime movie preview)
Hawaii's Last Queen
The American Experience on PBS TV
Aired Monday, January 27, 1997 - includes program transcript, teachers' guide, bibliography, and video ordering information.

Kukakuka - Discuss, Talk Story


Newsgroups, Discussion Forums / Msg Boards, Chat Rooms, and Listservers

Have a question about your vacation destination? Curious about some aspect of Hawaiian culture? Wondering where to find authentic cultural experiences? The newsgroups, chat rooms, discussion forums and listservers shown here provide the opportunity to interact with locals who can answer your questions or direct you to more information. Even if you don't want to post anything yourself, just lurking can be most informative.


  Discussion Forums / Message Boards  
Talk Story with Uncle Charlie
One of Maui's reknowned cultural practitioners maintains his own discussion forum to respond to visitors' cultural inquiries
About.com Hawaiian Culture Message Board
Discussion of the culture
Kaho`olawe Message Board
Read and post messages pertaining to Kaho`olawe and related restoration activities.
Hui Kalai`aina Interactive Forum
Discussion of Hawaiian issues with the original Hawaiian political party
Maui Gateway's 'Ask A Local' WWW Message Board
Post your questions about activities on Maui
Maui Gateway Public Forums
Discussion threads on a variety of topics

  Chat Rooms  
About.com Hawaii Live Chat
Dedicated to Hawaiian topics, with "guides" present at certain times.
Hui Kalai`aina Chat Room
Discussion of Hawaiian issues with the original Hawaiian political party

Na Papa Kuhikuhi o Na Puke i Heluhelu `Ia - Bibliographies

Interested in gaining deeper knowledge about some aspect of Hawaiian culture and history than what is available on the web? The following links provide resources for further study in various topic areas.
Hawaii Books!!
Directory of Hawaiian subjects with reviews and links to amazon.com for ordering
Hawaii History and Sovereignty Bibliography
Order books from Amazon.com and support Hawaiian sovereignty
"Canoe Plants" Bibliography
Resources on the plants of Hawai`i and their many cultural uses

Polynesian Voyaging Society Bibliographies

Hawaiian Petroglyph Bibliography Annexation and Overthrow Bibliography
Compiled by the Staff of the Hawaii & Pacific Section, Hawaii State Public Library System
Hawaii's Last Queen Bibliography
The American Experience on PBS TV
Aired Monday, January 27, 1997
Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today
A 250-page book that profiles living Hawaiians and their modern practice and perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture (online samples and order form)

Noi`i - Search Hawaii

If you can't find what you seek in the sites featured in this cultural website directory, these directories, indices, search engines and other tools provide exhaustive listings of websites related to Maui Nui and Hawaii in general, in the areas of culture and other information. We also list Business & Shopping Sites, Visitor Oriented Sites, and Local Media.

  General Directories and Search Engines - Maui and Hawaii  
Hawai'i Resources
List from UH Manoa Library
Search Hawaii - Cultural & Educational Pages
A list of culture pages and searchable index of all subjects
Hawai`i Catalog of Web Pages - Maui
Comprehensive searchable directory of Maui (and all of Hawaii) websites, after the fashion of Yahoo - simple interface, yet one of the best Hawaii resources
Maui, Hawaii - from The Mining Company
Extracting the best resources from the web around weekly topic areas
Pacific Gold
A range of visitor oriented information and links, including a section on culture
Maui Magic Directory
A listing of some of the many alternative/natural health practitioners on Maui
Planet Hawaii - Maui Directory
Lists useful Maui links
Hawaii Weblopedia
A directory of many good Hawaii sites, with helpful descriptions.
Yahoo's Maui
Yahoo's extensive listing of Maui links on the Web
Yahoo! Get Local: Maui Cities
Yahoo's "Get Local" feature offers links within some of Maui's main towns
Excite Travel - City Net - Maui, Hawaii Galaxy's Maui Index
Hawaii WWW "Things"
Michael Ogden's collection of Hawaii-related links
Hawai`i Home Page
Extensive links to other Hawai`i sites and servers on the World Wide Web
Three Shields Hawaii
A directory of Hawaii-related Web sites.
Online Hawaii
A selection of valuable website for researching Hawaii maintained as a service of the Hawaii State Public Library System
America's Best - Hawaii
"Where People Come to Find What They Need"
Metroscope Hawaii
Some good Hawaii links in categories
Universe Hawaii
Lists of Hawaii links in various categories
Global Index - Maui Community Page
A few links of interest

  Visitor Oriented Directories  
Maui Island Guide
Vacation Planning Guide for Maui
Hawaii Main Index - Maui Island
Visitor oriented links in various categories
Hawaii Guide
More visitor oriented links
Go Explore Hawaii
Still more visitor links
Best of Hawai`i
And still more...

  Local Media  
The Maui News The Haleakala Times
Maui Time Weekly Maui Weekly
Akaku: Maui Community Television  

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